Friday, January 15, 2010

TV Shows/Series I Watch [Updated 18/07/2010]

TV Shows/Series I Watch/used to watch:

From best to least best:

1. House MD
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. My Name is Earl
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Family Guy
6. Supernatural
7. One Tree Hill
8. Better Off Ted
9.The IT Crowd
10. Lucky Louie
11. Cougar Town
12. How Not To Live Your Life
13. Southpark
14. Australias Got Talent
15. Britains Got Talent
16. Americas Got Talent
17. Two and a half men
18.The Cleveland Show
19.American Dad
20. Scrubs
21. Friends
22. Nip/Tuck
23. Are We There Yet?
24. The Daily Show

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Game Top - of games that I've played [Updated: 18/07]

My Game Top - of games that I've played
-------Games I like-------
1.Borderlands + Zombie Land + Mad Moxxy + The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
2.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas + MTA
3.Battlefield: Bad Company 2 :(
4.NBA 2k10
5.Grand Theft Auto IV + EFLC
7.FIFA Online
8.Dirt 2
9.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 + MP
10.Call of Duty Modern Warfare
11.Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
12.Plants vs Zombies
13.Flatout 2
14.SWAT 4
15.Sonic & SEGA All-star Racing
16.Lego Indiana Jones 2
17.Guitar Hero World Tour
18.Combat Arms
19.Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. :(
20.Batman: Arkham Asylum :(
21.Mirrors Edge
22.Left 4 Dead 2
23.Trackmania United Forever
24.Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
25.Prototype :(
26.Grand Theft Auto III

-------Games I don't like so much-------

27.Spider-Man: Web of Shadows :(
29.Call of Duty: World at War :(
30.Need for Speed: Underground 2
31.World of Warcraft
32.Need for Speed ProStreet
33.Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
34.Grand Theft Auto 2
35.Eve Online
36.Halo 2
37.Resident Evil 5

-------Games I don't like or even hate-------

38.Battlefield 2 :(
39.NHL 09 PC
40.Simcity Societies
41.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Some games (marked with " :( ") deserve to be higher on the list, because I haven't played the enough to say that much about them (mostly because of my system).
Will be Edited

Borderlands: Zombie Island Secret Mission - Brains

Borderlands: Zombie Island Secret Mission - Brains [uploaded: December 27, 2009]

This is a secret mission that I found (with some help of my friend Snaky)  in Borderlands DLC Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. This is like a tutorial, showing what to do, and what you might get when you finish a mission.

NHL 09 Weekly Top 7

NHL 09 Weekly Top 7:

It was going to last for a lot longer, but I didn't have that much time to play NHL 09 + make good goals.  This lasted from September 28 till November 25. Mainly this was made to improve my video editing skills and learning to upload HD videos on youtube.

[Week 1]:

[Week 2]:

[Week 3]:

[Week 4]:

NHL 09 [PC] Random Goals

NHL 09 [PC] Random Goals [uploaded: August 06, 2009]:

Just random goals i made during the time i was playing NHL 09 on PC.

NBA 2k9 Cock-spin

NBA 2k9 Cock-spin [uploaed:August 05, 2009]:

I bet you cant do that xD

WST - Reversion

WST - Reversion [uploaded: April 23, 2008]:

Second Warriors Stunting Team stunt video. Much better than the first one. Editing by Harcha.

MTA 1.0 Public Beta Test

MTA 1.0 Public Beta Test [uploaded: July 11, 2009]:

I was attending  Multi Theft Auto 1.0 beta test and made a video, showing everyone whats new in MTA 1.0 .

Original music removed by Youtube, had to replace it with the audioswap.

GTA.nGames.LV commercials

GTA.nGames.LV commercials:

I think this was a good idea for a commercial. It's for a SA:MP server. I really had fun making these videos.

#1 [uploaded: June 18, 2009]

#2 [uploaded: June 19, 2009]:

#3 [uploaded: June 19, 2009]:

#4[uploaded: June 19, 2009]:

#5 [uploaded: June 19, 2009]:

#6 [uploaded: July 07, 2009]:

#7 [uploaded: July 07, 2009]:

CW speed house [Tag]

CW speed house [Tag] [uploaded: April 24, 2009]:

The game is called Tag,  and in this video i color all the house in red and CW tag in green.. yeah..its pretty boring.

Ow yeah and the songs.. sorry about that, i was really into Akon at that time.

GTA SA MiniMissions - Flight School 100%

GTA San Andreas MiniMissions - Flight School 100% [uploaded: April 02, 2009]

These are the series i was going to make for every mini-mission, but seeing that no one was interested i decided that i will not waste my time with this.

NBA 2k9 GSW movie

NBA 2k9 Golden State Warriors movie[uploaded: November 01, 2008]:

This is the video i made when i got NBA 2k9, and since i was a GSW fan, I made a video.

Shit Happens

Shit Happens [uploaded: October 28, 2008]

[ ?posts_id=2895868&dest=-1]

This is the first movie made with Compton Warriors clan, clan tags ar old ones Warriors and [CPT] just because the server has just been reborn and we had our old accounts available.  I personally love this movie, because it was randomly filmed, with no intentions and some funny stuff happened while i was filming.

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NBA live 08 - get ready to dunk

NBA live 08 - get ready to dunk [uploaded: February 27, 2008]

I wanted to make  a video demonstrating what moves you could do in NBA Live 08 dunk contest. So I did.

WST - The first movie

WST - The first movie[uploaded: December 25, 2007]:

I got a lil story for this one.

Me and Tornado (friend and member of Warriors clan (now CW) ) were watching stunt videos and got inspired to do one for ourself. So we did. Yes the title is stupid, that's my fault, but I think it's not a bad start for WST.

Audio disabled by Youtube :)

NBA LIVE 08 - the look, gameplay

NBA LIVE 08 - the look, gameplay[uploaded: November 19, 2007]

This one is made with a lil more skill then the previous one.

Warriors Extreme movie

Warriors Extreme movie[uploaded: October 07, 2007]

Random jumping i guess. Audio disabled by Youtube.

SA:MP biker a Warrior

SA:MP biker a Warrior[uploaded: August 21, 2007]:

This is probably my first stunt movie.

SA:MP Fuckers

SA:MP fuckers[uploaded: August 17, 2007]

It's just most of the Warriors Clan do i say this..masturbating in groups?

NBA Live 07 Smallvids

These are 2 NBA smallvids I filmed.

MJ Dunks [uploaded June 05, 2007]:

Free Throw Line Dunk[uploaded June 05, 2007]:

NBA live 07- how does it look

NBA Live 07 - how does it look[uploaded May 26, 2007]

This is my first video,  its filmed with Digital Camera, because i had no idea about "Fraps".

Hello world!

Hey, this is the day my "bloging" starts.
Or Not.

Anyways, I'll be posting my videos here.