Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fail of the year [in gaming industry]

God, when I first played CoD MW2, I thought it was fantastic, then I played multi-player and spec-ops - "OMG". Though I have to say that I didn't like CoD MW (aka CoD 4) multi-player mode, so this was truly the game of the year for me, I had respect for Activision and Infinity Ward (though I still didn't like the crappy match-making).
Near the release of BF: BC2 I didn't understand what was all the fuss about, I mean, I didn't like BF2, so I thought that I wouldn't like this either...and I was wrong. The game is great..as far as I could enjoy it.. but I can't say much about it because of my crappy Videocard.
What Activision and Infinity Ward (if it still exists) are doing is just stupid. I mean I don't get it, your marketing is bullshit. I still don't get why the fuck you can't lower prices for CoD 4, it's an old game now, so it must be cheaper by now, but no it isn't. But thats not the fail of the year. Let me quote gametrailers for it.
So up to this point all we knew about the new Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack was, well…the maps. We knew that the pack includes 2 reworked classic COD4 maps, Crash and Overgrown, along with the 3 new maps Bailout, Storm and Salvage. What we didn’t know was the price…and now that we know most of us probably wish we didn’t.

So ok, we get 5 maps, that's nothing unusual.
The voice of MW2, Robert Bowling, recently made a quick stop onto Major Nelson’s podcast to share some information about the Stimulus Map Pack which is coming to the Xbox 360 on March 30th. Apart from telling us what we already knew he finally dropped the officially price point of 1200 Microsoft Points…or $15 for those of you without a MP/Real Money converter. So, let’s see…that’s 25% of the entire game price and more/equal to the price of some XBL/PSN games.

What? 15$ for 5 maps? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think it's raining money outside? Well maybe for you but cmon, you can't be serious. So wait, we have to pay for 2 converted maps, that's probably not even so hard to do, and 3 new maps.. So mainly you want us to pay 15$ for 3 maps you made? Do you know how much Borderlands DLCs cost? 10$, and they include new missions, new areas, new storyline, new modes and other cool shit. And you fucking want 15$ for 3 new maps? I don't have to say that I won't buy it. And here comes the best part. You know your closest competitors? Well they just fucked you in the arse, if you didn't feel it yet.

So there you have it, the Mapathy battlefield has been set. In one corner you have MW2 with its 5 maps for $15 and in the other corner you have BC2 with 2 maps for $0 (and an obvious love for showcasing this fact). Now, the ultimate question isn’t which one you’ll choose (who WOULDN’T download the free one?), but rather if MW2 players will fork over a relatively large amount of money to pick up the Stimulus Map Pack. Is it worth it? Is it not? Is this the gamer’s chance to speak with their wallets or a fairly priced bit of DLC that will truly enhance the core experience???

So basically I can pay nothing for something I know that has been hardly worked on, or play 15$ for a piece of shit 3 new maps and 2 converted. Hmm.. what to do, what to do.. Hell here's my 15$, coz  I'M RICH, BITCH!

When even GameTrailers.com are talking this bad about you, you have to know that shit has gone extremely wrong.

No but seriously, I want to see the idiot (and I'm sure that there will be many) who actually buys that mappack. I'm with Dice. Just got to get my PC fixed up.

Btw.. soon we will see MoH, so hopefully it will replace MW, and be much better at it. It uses the same game engine as BF: BC2 , so physically it will be good.

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