Sunday, October 2, 2011

Settled and ready to go

Hello everyone!
Now most of you probably heard that I was moving to UK, and on 26th I did so.
Thanks to Wizzair delaying my flight by 2 hours, I arrived at Swansea at 11:30 PM. Thankfully, people here are nice, and the Landlords son came to meet me and show me the house and do the paperwork.
Anyways, I've been ill all this time. Either ill or got food poisoning.. or just acclimatization stuff happened. So I didn't feel good, and was not up to do anything, but still had to deal with enrolling into the university, buying some food etc. Everything is fine now.. for the most part, I'm still not feeling all 100%.
So tomorrow (Monday) will be my first serious day in the University (and we'll have a welcome party), so I'm excited for that. However I still need to find a part-time job, to pay for all the expenses, but I'll be doing that once I get the schedule 100% worked out. That means that so far I don't know how often will I be able to film anything, but I'll try. I still have stuff that just needs editing (stuff I filmed before I left Latvia) so expect that. I want to do a Vlog thingy, and show you a bit of the city, talk about my adventure and stuff, so I hope I'll be able to do that.
Anyways, thanks for sticking with me, watching my show, reading this post, and I hope I can do more of something you'd like soon. So I'll talk to you again soon, Cheers.

Oh hold on, I can't leave you without a picture, and I haven't shown any (and really made many) pictures to anyone, so you're the first one! You're special!

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  1. Looking fine. Expected to see a fucking Rover in that picture of the street, not some french cars, though.