Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 14: Kogan Camera

Still from Latvia, unboxing the Kogan Camera gifted to me by Daniel! Thanks again!

Check out Daniels stuff:


  1. RARR!! Much rage at shitty arrow keys, RAWR! Must DESTROY!

    Erm, anyways, Australian power connectors will sometimes have 2 pins, and sometimes 3. I have no idea what the difference is between them.

    And i had no idea that those customs bastards would charge you based on the number on the package. It's a good thing i never fill that out on any of my packages, then...

  2. Yeah found those arrow keys impossible to use with my hands xD

    That's weird, you would think everyone would use all three, but no.

    Yeah, I believe only Latvian customs do that... or maybe not, I haven't checked, but I would like to blame them more.

  3. You did pronounced my surname correctly.

    I'm glad you like the camera (i didn't add the bag, must have been Australia Post!) it's done a good job for me and i'm sure it'll be good for you.

  4. Really? Nice job Australia Post! xD
    Our's would probably just wrap it in tin foil.