Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 20: Wii U Undercover

So while I still deal with the copyright issues with my channel, you can enjoy this copyright-free unnecessary unboxing video I made for U!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The copyright fiasco continues

Following up from my last post, I was awaiting results of appeals I made on copyright claims on my videos. I got the results back, and it's this:

So which one of them went the whole extra mile to make sure my video stays down? Was it UMG or Sony? It was Sony. Sony Music to be more precise. Although I wouldn't call the UMG "a good guy", they might have been a bit slower with their answer than Sony. So now my account is in the red strike zone because of it:

So what now?
I can submit a Copyright Counter-Notification, which could make them take me to court, which they would probably do because they have infinite money and they like wasting other peoples time. I can contact them, send a personal message asking for them to retract their copyright claim. I could wait out 6 months for the Copyright strike to be removed. I will do the later two, I just need to find how to contact Sony.
By the way the video "Lets Play: GTA Vice City Episode 12" was the one that got taken down because of it. I can no longer upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes, and my videos are usually longer than that, thus rendering my account useless at this point. The song that matched the copyright claim was "Africa - Toto", which is a wildly popular song nowadays that everyone tries to get a hold of through Lets Play vidoes that contain voice and game sounds over it. Psst, I'm being sarcastic.
So yeah, probably wait for a new video on YouTube after 6 months, and maybe something else that will be posted here earlier but on a different video host.
Thanks for reading.