Friday, March 19, 2010

That is bullshit Sony!

Someone told me today, that GTA IV Episodes from Liberty city have been delayed till April for both PC and PS3.
So I thought that there was a critical bug found in both versions..but I was wrong.
I went to and found some news about this..and the title..the title makes me mad.
Rockstar Games says last-minute request by Sony Europe has pushed Grand Theft Auto IV expansions' non-360 release to April 13

last-minute request by Sony.. WHAT THE FUCK? what does PC has to do with PS3? And why the fuck would Rockstar agree to do that FOR BOTH SYSTEMS.

So here's more info about that:

For Grand Theft Auto IV fans, March was set to go out like a lion with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. Previously exclusive to the Xbox 360, the two add-ons to the top-rated game-

Rockstar gave the following explanation: "Due to a last minute game submission request from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to edit some of the in-game Liberty City radio station, television, and internet content, we are forced to delay the worldwide release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for both PlayStation 3 and PC for an extra two weeks."

I'll say it again, what the fuck PC has to do with Sony?
Did Microsoft ask you to do the same for PC? No!
We, PC gamers, always get screwed in this situation.
But I have to say, Rockstar's marketing works, but it's still - bullshit.

Also the change wasn't requested by Sony Computer Entertainment America, so America gets screwed even more.

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