Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Far East Movement - Like a G6 [review]

I hate america, and you'll see why in this episode.

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link


  1. Honestly, i don't think there's anything particularly special about America; As far as i know, Australia has the same problem. So what's the most popular song in Latvia?

    Also, the dollar sign goes before the number. Why did you use dollars and not lati, anyway?

    And the new player you are using doesn't seem to be able to go full-screen. Do you know if there's any way to make it full-screen?

    As for the song, the biggest compliment i can give it is it's not as bad as Soulja Boy!

    And as for future songs to review, maybe something by Justin Bieber? I haven't heard any of his songs, but apparently he's quite terrible.

  2. America effects the world more, I think, so people think - if it works in America, I should do it too, even though I have no talent.
    Oh, I didn't know that about the dollar sign. And there's no symbol for lati, and I think that would just confuse people.
    Oh yeah, I think I'll have to fix that player, don't know why its playing in wmv format. Should play flash instead.

    Oh god, not Justin Bieber. I don't want to go near him, or I'll just shoot my self. But thanks for the suggestion! :)

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  4. After introducing my boyfriend to your show, he insisted I leave a comment saying: "I agree completely with everything you have just said about the song G6, Ke$ha, and America - and I am an American". I think you've become the voice of his opinion of this country. Lol, thanks for reassuring us we're not the only ones!

  5. Thanks, it's great to know that what I do speaks also for others :)

    And big thanks for introducing my show to your boyfriend :D