Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 4: WD Elements Hard Drive

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Thanks again Pariah! It works great.


  1. "Hey, do you guys ship to Latvia?"

    "Sure, we ship to Latvia."

    "And is the power connector for Latvian sockets?"

    "Umm... Sure, we ship to Latvia!"

    Fucking hate when that happens! When i bought my power supply unit, it had a North American plug, so i had to buy an adapter for it. So annoying... Well, at least they delivered the hard drive on time!

    Yeah, that's how you pronounce "pariah". It's a tad easier for me than "izstumtais"!

    And thanks for not giving away my name and address!

    Also, i think you have to check voltage and stuff when buying an adapter, given what happened to MarzGurl...

  2. lol, awesome management.
    Well at least I got the pronunciation right. I figure "izstumtais" would be hard to pronounce if you're English.
    I figured I shouldn't gave away your real name, and I would never give away someones address.
    I yeah, but I didn't need to buy an adapter. Turns out they sell the connectors everywhere now, so I got it and it works great.
    Thanks again!