Friday, April 1, 2011

Rebbeca Black - Friday [review]

I think you saw this coming sooner or later. And I think we can call this a special, since this is my 100th Post on this Website. YAY!

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Special thanks to The Circle Guy ( and Daniel Pizarro (


  1. Quite possibly your best review yet, Herbis. Great work!

    And, yeah, i totally agree that stupid kids like these do indeed get too much hate. All they are is stupid kids making stupid songs. Hate on something worth hating... Like their songs!

    Also, i noticed that there was a fair bit of popping and crackling in the audio. It's probably the mic, but i dunno...

    Looking forward to your next video!

  2. Thanks man!
    Yeah, that popping and crackling was my camera going crazy.
    I think I can now officially say that it's broken. I can't even record for longer than 15 min before the just-charged-up battery rounds out of power. I'll have to look for a substitute camera.

  3. You want me to buy you a new 1?

  4. no no, that wouldn't be necessary. I got some spare cash I've saved up.
    But thanks for offering :)

  5. Feel free to buy me a new one if ya want buddy

  6. We'll see, laddy... We'll see...

  7. "My hand is a DOLPHIN!!!"