Saturday, May 28, 2011

FIFA Night: Preview

This is a preview of an upcoming show..lets play..thingy. We'll be playing and commentating on the game, because we usually have some epic games. Not every recording will become an episode (f.e. if it is really boring, I skip that game). Each episode will be about 10min long. Hopefully you'll like them :)


  1. Man, that frame rate's pretty painful. Any way to fix that?

  2. not sure, If you can tell me whats wrong with it I can try and Improve it :)
    Does it lag at certain points, or the whole video is going kinda sluggish?

  3. Great, i just payed $100 for a new router, and my fucking Internet's still cutting out...

    Anyway, it did occasionally lag, but mostly just the frame rate was very low. Makes the picture look really blurry, you know?

  4. oh that suck, sorry to hear your internet still screwing up.

    The occasional lag will not exist in the future (hopefully), but I know what you mean with the blurry picture. I record the footage on 60 frames per second, and render it in 30 frames per second, maybe that's the problem. I'll test it out, but if I have to change formats again it will be messy, cause the video will weigh as much as movie, and I have a bad upload speed, so its going to take hours to upload. I'll try to find a workaround.