Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FIFA Night: Episode 3 - MEX vs NOR

Best episode so far. Mexico (as Rush) and Norway (as Herbis).



  1. Wow dude, that's insane! It can't be physically possible to have 4 shadows around you like that, can it?!

  2. It can, there are four big light sources in every corner of the stadium, coming from above.
    I know it might sound a bit illogical, but that's why there are 4 shadows, you would think that the light coming from another corner would erase that shadow, but its not powerful enough to do that, because on every other spot of the player the light applies 4 times, but where you see the shadow the light applies only 3 times, so its darker. At least that's how I see it, learning physics finally paid off xD

  3. Yeah, that sure is fascinating. I always wanted to learn physics, but, you know...

    Stay in school, Herbis! Your knowledge will surely come in handy 1 day!

  4. Well you're not missing out on much, for me it was boring most of the time. I just payed a closer attention to it in the last year, when we were talking about lights and other stuff.
    And I don't want to stay in school, I just finished it xD , so the next step from me is an University.

  5. Well, that's even better! What will you be studying?

  6. Computer Science. I do want to work in the gaming industry one day, but picking Video Game Technologies as a course would be very risky, so at least with Computer Science I can have multiple professions.