Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 11: "Aussie Special" - Boomerang

ITS RELEVANT! Thanks to every Aussie viewer I have. All others - fu.. alright.. Thank you too.

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link


  1. Did you know that choking on boomerangs is the leading cause of death for children under 4 years old in Australia? No? Neither did i...

    It's actually quite hard to learn how to throw a boomerang properly. For starters, you have to throw it anti-clockwise (if you're right-handed), and you should use a REAL boomerang, not some cheap piece of plastic... I don't have much experience with it myself, so i can't teach you. Sorry.

    Also, i'm glad i'm not the only 1 who thinks that child on the disclaimer looks like an onion...

  2. Anti-clockwise you say? That seems a bit awkward for me. I'll be sure to try that when I get to use a real boomerang..if ever.

  3. Just like every Australian Flag, or anything "Australian" you can get in the supermarket's in Australia, "Made in China"

    And yes, you pronounced "Aussie" correctly :-)

  4. Seems like everything is made in China :D
    Oh good, I didn't mess up for once xD
    Also thanks for checking out my video, Dazza!

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