Friday, July 22, 2011

Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 12: Lottery Winner #2

Surprised? Yeah, me too. I guess I'm getting more lucky.

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link


  1. Its quite large, i thought it would be smaller. That's what she said.
    OH JESUS ITS LARGE. That's what she said.
    DAMN ITS LARGE. That's what she said.
    Hopefully it won't explode in to my face. That's what she said.

  2. Haha, i think you got it backwards, mate!

    It sure is nice but i don't think it would be of much use unless you're overclocking.

  3. Naah, its on correctly, just that the system was not hot enough to blow out hot air in the right direction.
    Well yeah, once I get a laptop, and move to UK, and then bring this one to UK, I'm gonna be trying to experiment with it xD

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