Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Magical steps of me making a Lets Play

Ever wonder what goes in into the making of my lets plays? Well it has gotten quite ridiculous, so ridiculous I want to share all the main steps from the start to the finish. (note: while I'm writing this I am on the step 7, and it's the third time I'm on this step today, having to go back to step 6)

1. Record footage (game's video+audio) with fraps.
2. At the same time, record my voice with Audacity.
3. Compress my fraps footage (recently added, so I would avoid blackouts in the video after rendering).
4. Remove noise(not voice) from my voice audio.
5. Edit the video, synchronize voice with games footage.
6. Render the video.
7. Fully watch the video.
8. Convert the video from .mp4 to .flv (flash video) format.
9. Skip through the .flv video.
10. Upload the video to .
11. Create a Thumbnail for the video (and also upload it to
12. Fully watch the video through (for any error/cut out that might have occurred during the upload process, or the processing process).
13. Post the video on my website, later on blogs.
14. Go back to step 5, add the "watermark" (so that QuizGroupMovies don't claim it as theirs production and put their ads on it) but now render the video in two parts (sometimes more), so it will fit youtube's 15min restriction on a single video.
15. Fully watch those videos.
16. Upload the videos.
17. Add videos to my Youtube playlist, make some other minor adjustments (like changing the thumbnail, adding links to my website as alternative links to the video etc.).
18. Post Youtube videos on Blistered Thumbs blogs.
19. Aaaaaaand DONE! (void if found an error somewhere). Now you can be lazy for a while, or move on to the next video.

I hope you like my list of steps xD. At the end I still love doing it, so it's worth it, I'm not planing on stopping.
Also, don't let this discourage you from making Lets Plays, it's just how I need to do it, some will need less steps.


  1. Hmm, perhaps you could cut out the Youtube thing? You shouldn't need to upload them to more than 1 place, and Blip seems to be better than Youtube. Then i guess you wouldn't need to add the "watermark" thing as well, whatever the hell that is.

  2. Can't do it. I have some subscribers there, that probably don't visit my website and are more comfy with watching it through Youtube, once I upload it there. Plus Youtube is a great place to somewhat broaden your audience.
    And I like to have two sources where people can watch my videos, so if one would go down, or something would happen to it, you could still watch it on the other website.
    The watermark is a label on the video, that stays through the whole video. I use as my watermak.

  3. Oh, alright. So why don't you have to put the watermark on your Blip videos?

  4. They aren't getting claimed by someone else. Blip has that great feature of not being too popular.

  5. Nasty lot of steps friendo :D Interesting, why convert rendered .mp4 into .flv later? Just wonderin'.

    19. should be - "Aaaaaaand STOP!... Hammertime!" You would dance quite bad though.

  6. Well .mp4 takes up about 650mb. Now imagine me uploading it with my speed of 50kb/s, takes quite a lot of time (4+ hours usually), plus if something bugs out, I need to restart the upload. Flv gets it down to about 250mb/s, and websites don't need a lot of processing time for it.
    No Hammertime for me, I dance terribly.