Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I left blip, so they fired me.

So recently the video hosting website that I have been using since I started making Lets Plays and that other stuff I'm trying to avoid mentioning now, have been closing channels that don't meet their ToS agreement. One of the victims was my friend Dan(Painkiller), who apparently didn't meet their criteria of "Original Series" by reviewing Booze with his friend Johnny Oldschool. Considering I consider his reviews to be "Original Series (of reviews)", just like anyone on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com do, makes me think, will they start shutting down TGWTG crew's channel down..when TGWTG were pretty much one made blip to what it is now. While I doubt that will happen, I decided to leave blip myself, mainly because I think what they're doing is bullshit. Also, I absolutely don't comply with their "Original Series" thing. I would call what I posted there, more like "Random Unoriginal Series of Video Game related activities".
Also, when I officially announced on Twitter (as official as it can be) that I'm leaving blip, a day later I received an email from blip saying that they're shutting down my account. Ooops, you got me blip, just as I left, you noticed that there's nothing original about my channel and you're taking it down now, great timing.
Thank god I prepared for a moment like this, since I've started, and pretty much all my videos are on YouTube too. Except for the unmentionables, but whatever, I might upload them somewhere else.

So what would I choose as an alternative video hosting site now?
Well, Vimeo still sucks, still it's been launched, so that's not an option.
There's something that looks better than Blip.tv, and it's Dailymotion.com, so I might go with that. That would mean I would have to reupload all my videos up there, which would take me a while, and what I do not plan to do with my current internet connection, but when I move back to Latvia.

So that's why you wont see anymore blip embedded stuff here, so just fallow the YouTube link, and send me a message if some videos aren't available at all.


  1. That's pretty fucked up, man. I agree that many Channel Awesome shows aren't any more original than yours, but what the fuck is wrong with that? They're entertainment, and that's all that matters!

    I would suggest just sticking with YouTube, personally. I can't see a need to use any other hosting sites. (At least until YouTube fucks you over too...)

    1. No no, they are original than mine, what I'm saying is that they're still not "web series" blip wants everyone to be, therefore I don't see how it would be fair for someone like Dan who does proper episodic reviews of beer, to be closed, but not anyone from Channel Awesome, who do pretty much the same thing.

      I will for the time being, but YouTube has it's own issues with copyrights, and fake copyright infringement crap that I had to through multiple times. So I want a site that would host my videos as a backup to YouTube.

    2. I disagree - Channel Awesome does a lot of stuff that's not very original, such as reviews, let's plays, and top lists. Just about everybody on the Internet does that stuff. I don't think they're any more original than you, just because they use more special effects or whatever.

  2. Sucks to know Blip changed like that. It's probably because of too many complaints from game companies -- I know some really aggressively pursue that, such as Nintendo. They don't even want people to stream tournaments.

    1. Yeah, that might be one of the reasons, but still not a good excuse in my opinion. And that reason would apply in my case, but what about Dan's case? He does proper reviews, nothing video game related even, and he got shut down. It makes no sense.