First of all - Hello!
I'm Herbis, or, if you would like to know my full name - Herberts Markuns. I'm also know as "H", therefore its The "H" Show.
I'm from Latvia, hometown - Olaine. I do this sometimes. And what is this, you may ask? Well this is where I get to show another side of myself. Now I mostly do Lets Plays, but I used to do bad music reviews (where both the music and my review was bad).
And I love it, so I'm having fun with it.
Biggest motivation for me is that I get to entertain some people. I'm not chasing fame or money, because I know that's not going to happen and would just annoy people if I did try.
Thanks to this, I've met some really nice people, and made some new friends.
I try to avoid using ads when possible (when I am able to disable them). I know that I have a very small viewer-base and to build on it (or to sustain it) I rather not annoy it with adds that don't benefit anyone that much.
Biggest thanks goes to everyone watching my videos, and especially those who have donated anything in the past! Special thanks to Pariah who without this show might not exist by now, or would exist in a much lower quality.
Thank You, and I hope you like what I do, because I like doing it.
Here's my About.me page.